Archive 2007

2nd International Organ Competition
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam - October 13-21, 2007

In the preliminary round 27 candidates have submit a recording, that was listened to anonymously by a jury, consisting of Francesco Di Lernia, Naomi Matsui and Henk Verhoef. They selected the following candidates:

David Blunden (Australia)

Rhonda Edgington (USA)

TomᚠFlégr (Czech Republic)

Tim Hinck (U.S.A)

Stefan Küchler (Germany)

Hugh Morris (England)

Tine Jacobsdochter Steenbrink (Netherlands)

Takashi Watanabe (Japan)

Stephan van de Wijgert (Netherlands)

The jury
Gustav Leonhardt
Anner Bijlsma, James David Christie,
Leo van Doeselaar, Martin Haselböck, Matteo Imbruno, Francesco di Lernia

During the final concert of the Sweelinck Festival 2007, the president of the jury, mr. Gustav Leonhardt, announced the result of the competition.
The jury was pleased with the level of the players, and found there were excellent performances in all programs.
Still there were also things that, according to the jury, could be improved.
Finally Stefan van de Wijgert, from the Netherlands, received the highest score.
It was the judgement of the jury that the overall standard was not enough to reward a first prize, and therefore he received a second prize.