Archive 2010

3rd International Organ Competition
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck

Oude Kerk, Amsterdam - September 11-18, 2010

In the preliminary round 59 candidates have submit a recording, that was listened to anonymously by a jury, consisting of Anders Danman, José Luis Gonzáles Uriol, Theo Jellema, Anton Pauw, Luca Scandali and Henk Verhoef.
They selected the following candidates:

Hugo Bakker (Netherlands)

Elena Borgogno (Italy)

Bart Jacobs (Belgium)

Wouter Koelewijn (Netherlands)

Miwako Nakamura (Japan)

Eri Takeguchi (Japan)

Marie-Odile Vigreux (France)

Carl Visser (Netherlands)

Angela Wertenbach (Germany)

The jury:
Gustav Leonhardt (president), Cristina Garcia Banegas (Uruguay), Martin Haselböck (Austria),
Matteo Imbruno (The Netherlands), Jos van der Kooy (The Netherlands),
Andreas Liebig (Norway), Kimberly Marshall (USA)

After the final concert of the International Organ Competition Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck 2010, the president of the jury, mr. Gustav Leonhardt, announced the result of the competition.
The jury was very pleased with the level of the players, and found there were excellent performances in all programs.

The first prize was given to Eri Takeguchi (Japan).
Next to the prize money, she was invited to play concerts in:

Nieuwe Kerk : Amsterdam (NL)
"Organum Alden Biesen" : Alden Biesen (B)
Bavo : Haarlem (NL)
Dom : Lübeck (D)
Dom : Roskilde (DK)
Danish State Church, St. John´s: Copenhagen (DK)
Basilica di S. Maria della Passione : Milano (I)
Parròquia de Sant Bartomeu i Santa Tecla : Sitges (E)
St. Bartholomäuskirche : Dornum (D)
Lutherse Kerk : Den Haag (NL)
Festival : Zaragoza (E)
Hauptkirche St.Jakobi : Hamburg (D)