The results of the 6th International Organ Competition Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck 2017 are the following:

First Prize: Peter van der Zwaag, the Netherlands (3.000 euros)

Second Prize: Mari Fukumoto, Japan (2.000 euros)

Third Prize: Laurens de Man, the Netherlands (1.000 euros)

The first prize was sponsered by De Vereniging Vrienden van de Grote of St.-Bavokerk Haarlem, the second prize by Flentrop Orgelbouw B.V. and the third prize by Nicola Puccini, Bottega Organaria (Pisa, Italy)

The four other finalists were Gerwin Hoekstra (the Netherlands), Nathan Mondry (USA), Willeke Smits (the Netherlands) and Giovanni Petrone (Italy).

The jury members were James David Christie, President (U.S.A.), Cristina Garcia Banegas (Uruguay), Matteo Imbruno (the Netherlands), Jos van der Kooy (the Netherlands), Anton Pauw (the Netherlands), Theo Visser (the Netherlands), Sietze de Vries (the Netherlands).

The first part of the finals took place on Friday, October 13 at de Oude Kerk in Amsterdam and the second part at de Grote of St.-Bavokerk Haarlem on Sunday, October 15.