All seven competitors must play two programs with a maximum length of 20 minutes each.

Progamme I

will be played on the transept organ in the Oude Kerk of Amsterdam.

The program is free, but has to
• include at least one work by J.P. Sweelinck
• present a varied and interesting choice of pieces from the repertoire written before 1700
• respect the character and tuning (1/4-meantone) of the instrument.

Program II

will be played on the Christian Müller organ in the Grote of St.-Bavokerk of Haarlem.

The program has to consist
• one or two works from the North German Baroque repertoire
• one work by J.S. Bach

Oude Kerk Amsterdam: 13 October 2017, 6-10 PM
Grote of St.-Bavokerk Haarlem: 15 October 2017, 4-10 PM

The order of competitors will be determined by the drawing of lots.